University of Warsaw, a Prestigious Educational Institution in Poland

A high school friend named Dominic, decided upon graduation to return to his homeland of Poland. He chose to attend the University of Warsaw. This university is placed in the top 4% of higher educational intuitions’ worldwide and is known as a leading research facility. While attending there, he majored in International Business. He also resided on campus during his years there.

The website of this educational institution in Poland is This university educates over 61,000 students and employs over 6,300 people. The University of Warsaw offers undergraduate, graduate and post-diploma studies. Among having many well known graduates, it also has Nobel Prize winners. It was an outstanding choice for my friend to make!

The university has three different campuses. My friend attended the main campus in central Warsaw. This campus contains the largest academic library in Poland. It also contains a new sports center and six dormitories. While attending this college, Dominic was lucky to already mastered the Polish language. If a prospective student does not know Polish, the college has a Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners. This allows students from all over the world to apply and learn not only in a foreign land, but to immerse themselves in the experience the University of Warsaw provides.

Cost-wise, citizens of Poland do not have to pay to attend the university. My friend, as an American citizen, was forced to pay about 2000 euro per year. If a student can not afford that, they can apply for a tuition deduction of thirty percent. Dominic did pay the tuition, which was reasonable, and graduated from this university in 2003. He has used his education well in his professional life. Dominic works in international business for a major corporation and credits the University of Warsaw for his continuing success in the field. He even plans on attending the educational institution to further his education in the future.