They Performed a Marvelous Job on My Apartment

I needed moving out cleaning in Singapore because if I didn’t have someone come in and make the place look tidy. I thought I’d likely lose my security deposit. I have a few pets and everyone knows what that can do to the living quarters. The floors looked quite horrific even though I tried to keep up on the cleaning during the few years I lived here. I thought the landlord would come in and take one look and I’d lose my deposit as well as have to pay for some serious restorations. I know my neighbors had a problem with the landlord when they moved out.

I looked online for a cleaning service, but what I really needed were professionals who had a lot of experience with very messy places. My first problem was finding the right business to do the job. Could they clean floors and windows? So many cleaning places agree to do the job, but when they show up they have a list of things they won’t touch. The last time I had a service come in they refused to pick up anything lying around, which meant I had clean floors and dusted tables but clothes lying all over the place!

I finally decided on a company and talked with them extensively over the phone. They said they would clean up anything I wanted them to clean, and said they have extensive experience cleaning apartments. I decided to give them a chance and they sent out a team of cleaners. I was amazed at how quickly they worked. The apartment gleamed after they finished and the floors looked like someone just installed them. The cleaned up the mess so well it looked better than it did when I moved in! I’m sure I’ll have no problem getting my security deposit back.