The Value of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

The last thing we needed to get done after moving was to clean the apartment thoroughly in order to get our security deposit back. The problem was that we were tired and used up our days off to just get the move done. The apartment looked clean with all of our stuff in it, but we could see slight discolorations on the wall where pictures hung, and the carpeting was cleaner behind where the furniture was at. This all became very apparent with it empty. We decided to hire moving out cleaning for Singapore residents to get the job done professionally. It was worth it to us just to be able to get the rest we needed and to not worry about getting our security deposit back. The cleaning cost was less than what our deposit was.

They did a fantastic job on the apartment. We stopped by and took a look before turning in our keys to the building manager. The place was cleaned and ready for a new couple to move in right away. The manager of the apartment building was extremely impressed telling us that his crew does not even clean a place that good before new people move in. We got our security deposit back without any issues whatsoever. We were also told we could rent from them anytime without needing to go through any of the checks again.

This made us feel really good to not leave behind a mess for the next family or the property manger to fix. It also showed us the value of having professional cleaning done. We now hire the same company to do spring cleaning at our new condo in Singapore. They did such a good job at our old apartment that we wanted them to help keep our place looking nice.