Staying Safe Helps Me to Feel More at Peace

I never really thought much about what it would be like to live alone as a widow. When you’re married to your husband for 50 years and you are always together, you sometimes do not give anything else any thought outside of your own little world. But when he passed away last month, I found myself feeling alone and nervous for the first time in my life. I really miss him. My daughter told me to look into getting service from ADT to keep my home secure, even though I live in a pretty safe area.

I do not live in the big city. My husband and I were never city people. And we always felt more safe living in the country where life is so much slower and has always been much safer. But things have changed a lot over the last 40 years that we have lived in this small town. It is not always a good idea to leave your doors and windows unlocked here.

So, after four weeks of hearing too many things go bump in the night, I decided to do something about calling the company my daughter told me about. It really did not make sense for me to continue to fret each night over every little noise. I just hoped that the cost would be something that I could afford easily.

Thanks to a first-time install discount, I got a really good deal. The installer came out and put signs up around the house that alerts others that my home is now secure with an alarm system. He even put some stickers in the windows stating the same thing. The system itself is incredibly easy to use, even at my age. I can hear it beep after I set it each night, and it is comforting to know that I have extra peace of mind.