Southern City with a Lot of Charm

Many people think that their city has a lot of charm. It is really great to live in a country where so many people can call their favorite city home. I knew that there were a lot of cities to look at when I decided that I wanted to move away from the north. I was looking for a place in the south to call home, but it also had to be modern. I searched apartments in Charlotte NC 28217 and I saw that there were a lot of great places for me to look and check out if I decided that I wanted to move to North Carolina. Since I work from home I can work anywhere that the country that I want. I like to move every three years if I am not in a relationship or if I am not really happy I may even move sooner.

I have been able to see the great state of Alaska. Other than it obviously being a cold place to live, I knew that it was going to be dark at times, but I was not ready for it to be dark twenty four hours a day for days a time. It was really hard for to go and get used to that. My sleep cycle was totally thrown off. I was told by the local people that if I were there six months earlier it would be the opposite. We would have no dark hours for months at a time. I knew that I could learn to live with room darkening blinds to sleep and other things to get me to bed, like exhaustion. However, I did not know if I would be able to get used to total darkness so I ended up moving before the months that are usually dark.