My Son Wants to Work in the Renewable Energy Field

My husband and I have always been conscious of our choices when it comes to natural resources. We have always recycled as much as we could, and we have explored our energy options to make sure we are not being wasteful of our resources or the earth’s. We walk and bike a lot rather than take the car or public transportation. Our son grew up watching and mimicking us, so it was not surprise when he told us he wants to work in the energy field growing up. Taking a physics tuition course last year just reinforced his desire to go in that direction.

I was not sure that taking the tuition course was the best route for him because I thought he was just not applying himself to the physics course at school. He has always been the perfect student, or least a great kid with perfect scores, That was why we were surprised when he brought home a less than perfect grade. I honestly thought that he was just not doing the best he could, but I should have known better. After a very long conversation, we discovered it was the teacher who was the problem.

He was not teaching the material in a way that made it come alive to our son. It was just boring facts that were disconnected more than they were connected. He was struggling, and other students were doing even worse than he was. The physics tuition course we signed him up for changed all of that though. The teacher is well known in the physics arena, and he kept things fun and interesting for the kids. Our son learned so much about how physics is related to renewable energy, and that is when he knew that was what he wants to do with the rest of his life. This is one proud mother here!