My Son Needed Some Extra Help

Thanks to, my wife and I are no longer worried about our son passing his exams and getting into a good university. The thing you have to understand about Singapore is that it’s like many European countries in that education is a very serious matter. You only get one chance to ace your important exams, and passing these exams determines your future in a very big way. It’s not like America where people major in one thing and then end up doing something else entirely. Here you have to do well if you ever want to get a shot at your desired career.

My son needed to pass physics in order to get into his chosen profession, but he really struggled with the topic. I tried to tutor him myself, but that quickly turned into a real mess because I took these courses years ago and didn’t remember most of the material. I also couldn’t teach it to him in a way that he could easily grasp. We obviously needed some outside help in order for him to succeed. That’s why we went online together to see if we could find a tutor nearby who could help him gain knowledge.

We found one and made an appointment. I was a bit concerned that there wasn’t a trial lesson, but in the long run I didn’t need to worry. The tutor knew the topic inside and out, and was able to teach it to my son in a friendly and fun manner that made learning the topic a piece of cake. My son picked up so much knowledge that we both wondered why we didn’t try a tutor earlier. It sure would have saved us both a lot of heartache. We’re pretty confident that he will easily pass those exams and be able to move on to better things.