My Mom and I Used to Bond While She Taught Me About Skincare

I used to sit on the edge of the tub in the bathroom when I was a little girl so that I could watch my mom do her skincare regimen each day. She was so good about getting it done, but I am not good with doing the same now that I’m an adult. I go to a Singapore aesthetic clinic to have work done, and it really helps me to save time. I miss the old days when I used to sit and talk to mom while she put on various skin creams and did her facial exercises in the mirror. We had a lot of good talks and laughs. She taught me all the tricks that she used to keep her skin looking so nice, but I am a bit lazier when it comes to taking care of myself on my own.

Businesses were not as tech savvy as they are now when mom was younger. I know that mom sometimes went to a skin doctor, but back then, they didn’t have the same type of technology that today’s experts and doctor’s can use to help turn back time. I have found a place in my neighborhood that uses laser therapy to help get rid of any discoloration on the face and to help to fade very faint lines. It has really helped me to look better. I feel good about myself when I take a close look at my skin in the mirror each day.

My mom used to have a shelf full of all sorts of potions and creams that she used for her face and neck. I have noticed that my neck does not look as good as mom’s did, so that will be my next thing to have work done on. I can tell that I look a lot like my mother, and it’s fun to look in the mirror and see her looking back at me. She never looked old and wrinkly like my grandmother did, and I hope to look good well into my senior years, too.