My Floral Shop is Going Like Gangbusters

Thanks to seo in Philippines, I’m no longer just a florist in a corner shop. Now I’m a full fledged online entrepreneur who is making big bucks doing online sales for all sorts of situations. Did a loved one pass away and you need flowers to commemorate their passing? With a few clicks online, I’ll have some lovely flowers delivered to the funeral home. Need a bouquet for a date? We do that now too. Do you just like flowers and/or plants and are interested in beautifying your home? I’ve got just the arrangements you need to make your house shine.

It wasn’t always this way. I didn’t even think about doing a website until a couple of customers complained that they could have easily done business with me without having to come down to the shop. That made me think about all the business I might be missing because I wasn’t willing to go online and run a site. Frankly, I was scared to do so because I know nothing about ecommerce or online sites or anything technological. Running the cash register and using a computer to calculate my daily sales is about the sum total of my technology knowledge.

I got someone to help with the site and also employed a company who knows how to optimize search results so that potential customers know you exist and can easily reach out to make a purchase. I didn’t understand a thing about how it works, but I didn’t need to know. They knew where my site was and they did the rest of the work. In about a month I had more business than I could handle. Flowers were coming into the shop and going right out in minutes! Why didn’t I do this before? I could’ve been rich by now!