More Eyes Are Looking at My TikTok

After seeing various funny videos that people were making on TikTok, I decided to download the app and make my own videos. I figured that I could get a lot of followers from making just a few videos, but I was wrong. Barely anyone was watching my videos and I didn’t understand why. I thought the content that I was uploading was good, but I guess no one else felt the same way, or no one knew my stuff existed. I searched for ways to gain TikTok and get famous from followers and found a really great method.

I learned that I could get more views and likes on my videos while gaining more followers with the help of a simple website. Buying a few followers would have a snowball effect that would cause other people to take notice of my videos and like them while following. Then they would share my videos with other people and I would gain more followers and likes from that. The followers would even leave comments to give as authentic of an appearance as possible. I wish I knew about this before, because it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration with the TikTok app.

Using the website worked, as I gained more followers in just a short amount of time. Since I was getting more attention, people were expecting me to upload more content. I had to think of some good ideas that people would actually want to see, or I would start to lose all of the followers that I had gained. There’s one song that has been pretty popular over the past few months about cowboys, so I got a cowboy hat and did a funny dance on my newest video. Everyone loved how funny it was and it spread.