Looking for a New Apartment with My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have lived in the same apartment for the last 10 years. We received a notice that our apartments were being converted into condos, so we now have to find a new apartment. I’m staying optimistic because I’m really excited about finding a new place. Our current apartment was really old, so I’m going to make sure that our next apartment is brand new. My business partner lives in some really nice apartments and told me I should check out their website. He said he really enjoys it there, and he highly recommends that I take a look.

I sat down with my boyfriend and we explored the website together. Since we would be living together, it was really important that we both were able to provide feedback throughout this process. As soon as I saw the home page, I was really excited about the pictures I saw. Our current apartment doesn’t have a gym, but this new place had a really nice fitness center, complete with cardio and weight equipment. Moving here would mean that I could cancel my gym membership and save a little bit of money each month. So, even if it cost a little more to rent it, in the end it would end up paying for itself.

He is really into golf, so although the fitness center was exciting for him, the putting green was even more exciting. I can’t remember the last time I had seen him so interested in anything. He told me how having a putting green on property would save a lot of time, because he wouldn’t have to go to the driving range in order to practice every week. So, we both found things about this new apartment that we absolutely loved. We agreed that this would be a great place to move, and decided to take the next steps necessary in order to sign a lease.