Looking at This Place Near Odessa

We are not really sure if we can afford this place or not, but we really like the theory behind the place. Jenny is really loving the fact that it is probably a five minute drive from this place to her office. It would be about twice that far to the shop, but it is not going to be as tough a trip for me as what I have now. I can skate in through the backroads and obviously you are not going to hit much traffic like that. The house was moved from it’s original site to this lot a couple of years ago. Apparently the power company wanted to build a substation on the land that it had been seated upon, or something like that. So they bought the place and pretty much gave it to the guy who moved it to this location. It was originally about a mile and a half from where it is now, or that is what this guy told me.

In fact this place is on what used to be a little ranch and there is a nice little four acre lake back behind the place. The guy could see that I wanted to throw a line out there and see if anything bit, so he and went down there with a couple of bait casting rods. He has a minnow tank and this little pond is not a safe place for a shiner. It is full of pan sized crappie and small mouth bass. So if you stick shiner out there on a cork it is not too long before you get some action. Of course a bunch of these fish have been caught and thrown back over and over. This is something you can tell after you catch them a few times.