Living Here Feels Like Winning the Lottery

My first apartment was just a small area above my folks’ garage. My next one was a super small studio apartment after graduating from college. I lived there for two years, but I was not exactly happy about it. I had been saving my money though, building a small nest egg so I could look at Las Vegas apartments and move into a much nicer one. I thought that it was going to take longer than two years because of student loans, but my employer had a really nice signing bonus that helped me tremendously with them.

Since the bulk of my debt was taken care of, I knew that it was finally time to start looking at decent apartments. I definitely wanted something nicer than a studio, and I was even hoping to get one that had a pool and fitness center as well. I know most of the newer complexes have them, but the older ones are more likely to not. I was tired of living in an older apartment building as it was, so I only looked at the newer ones. That is how I found the Bloom Apartments, which is where I now live.

The one bedroom apartment that I have here is extremely spacious compared to my studio apartment. I actually have a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a small balcony. Having laundry facilities right inside the apartment is a luxury I have never had since moving out of my parents’ house, and it is the one luxury that I like the best, inside at least. Outside, it is paradise. There are a couple of swimming pools, a tennis court, clubhouses, and so much more. I feel like I have won the lottery just by living here!