It is Cheaper to Rent a Nice Apartment in Lookout Canyon Than We Thought

We were looking for a nice apartment, and we found a great apartment. I was thinking we would have to settle for mediocre at best with the money we had allotted in our monthly housing budget. I knew how much rent we had been paying at our old place right in San Antonio, so I thought we could not do much better. When my wife looked at the Regency apartments online at, we were really interested in what we were seeing. We figured we would just go on out to take a look at the place to see how the other half lives, then go down the road and check out another place that we thought would be more in line with our housing budget. However, when we were at the Regency out on the Overlook Parkway in Lookout Canyon, I got around to asking what the price would be on a two bedroom place with a fireplace.

They had one available and we went and took a look at it. When I asked the leasing fee I thought I was going to be shocked. I suppose I was, but it was in a good way. It was really close to what we had been paying, and the Regency offers a whole lot more! First off, they have a resort style swimming pool. They have a 6,000 square foot clubhouse with a billiards room, and they have a nice health center to work out in. There is also a dog park right there on the grounds. We were allowed to have our two dogs where we had been living, but we had to walk a long distance just for them to play a little. This would save us time and the Regency had a bunch more conveniences we just could not pass up.

Another great feature is the apartment has washer and dryer hookups. The kitchen has black appliances, and they are really good looking contrasting with the nice wood cabinets. The closets in the place are gigantic. We would no longer need a storage space to rent, and that would save us over a hundred bucks right there every month. That put us not only within our housing budget, but we also had a little wiggle room to spare. Instead of going for three bedrooms, we decided to put the money we save each month into our investments. I had no idea checking out the Regency apartments was going to turn out so well for us.