It All Started with a Pedicure

This year, I became friends with a girl who was an introvert. She didn’t really talk to many people, and mostly just stayed quiet in class. I started talking to her because I was assigned a school project with her as a partner. As we worked on the project, I got to know her a little better. She came out of her shell a little, and she asked me for advice about beauty tips because she wanted to give herself a makeover. I told her that pedicure services would be a good place to start before getting into more complicated things like make up applications.

I knew just the place for us to get a pedicure, so we went there on the weekend and hung out that entire day. This was her first time really having a pedicure, and she wanted to do it again. We had some lunch and went to the mall to look at some clothes that would be nice to wear. The girl wasn’t really much of a stylish person, so I helped her put some clothes together that would work well with her body type. She had a nice figure and could probably be a model if she wanted to do it. I told her she should think about it, but I don’t think she’ll dive into modeling just yet.

The girl purchased some of the clothes that she tried on at the mall. There’s no point in buying clothes if you aren’t going to wear them, so she changed into a pair and wore them right out of the clothing store. As we walked through the mall, people were coming up to us to talk. I didn’t imagine that people would start flirting with the girl so soon. It was a major confidence boost for her.