Information on the Beautiful and Exotic Raven

Raven is a large bird of the order Passeriformes. It’s absolutely black in color, and some consider it as exotic species. have all the information regarding this particular bird.

Raven is commonly referred to as a crow. There are eight varieties of raven found in the wild. Some regard it as harbingers of good omens, others consider it as a bringer of death or bad omens. Thus it has been attracting people’s opinions since the time immoral. I presume it’s due to its crisp black color and not so melodious noise. Ideally, it lives for 6-8 years in the wild. It is recorded to live longer than that in captivity. In the now concluded famous HBO TV Serial, Game of Thrones, it was used as a carrier of messages and since then has become some sort of a fashionable bird. The attraction of having it as a pet bird is still minimal though.

Raven is considered very intelligent. Experts believe that it is more intelligent than parrots and macaws. It has shown enough skills in hunting for food. It is omnivorous, like humans, and eats whatever they can get. Mostly they eat small insects, frogs, mice, etc. If chances present itself, it tends to attack other smaller birds or larger animals such as rabbits for food. It is not listed as endangered species, however, the population of florentis, corvus kubaryi and corvus unicolor are decreasing rapidly. It is mostly due to deforestation. have not just information about ravens. It is a neatly designed website, which has information about many of the exotic birds such as hummingbirds, macaws, kingfisher, loverbird, nightingale, pigeons etc. They are all placed in their own categories. The write-up accompanies pictures and videos with explanations. The page layout is similar to wiki sites, so it should be easier for people to navigate.