I Wanted No More Wrinkles

I had a mole that started changing ever so slightly not that long ago. It was located on my neck, and it was quite obvious. Though my dermatologist told me that it was fine and would not require any medical attention, I still wanted to have it removed. She told me that I could have that done, and she even told me about an aesthetic medical clinic that does things like that. She does them too, but she was backed up for things that were not medically necessary for someone at the time.

I can understand that, and I was really happy that she gave me the information for a clinic nearby that does the same kind of procedures. I was able to get in there relatively quick, and they were able to remove the mole with no problem. That process did not take long at all, and I was able to learn about all the other services that they offer to their patients. I had no purpose there other than getting the mole removed, but that changed when I saw that they can help with other skin issues and conditions as well.

I did not have any other medical issues, but I really liked what I saw with their wrinkle reduction procedures. I come from a family that has shown our age well before we should have been. I got some information about how they can help reduce wrinkles, and I talked with the doctor who helped me with removing the mole as well. When I walked into that clinic months ago, it was just to get a mole removed. However, the last time I walked out of the clinic, it was because I had injections to help reduce the wrinkles on my face. It did not take long for me to notice just how well that procedure works too!