I Want to Work in an Industry That I’m Interested in

My dad said that my mom had always wanted a daughter long before I was born. When I was around 5 years old, they both realized that I was a tomboy. Mom had always hoped that I would be into the same things she liked, but I had other interests in mind. I loved to play sports and loved music. When I told her that I wanted to learn music production, she chuckled. My mom and dad didn’t have any interest in music at all, but I lived and breathed music. She said they would pay for classes if I promised to stick with it for at least six months. I promised her I would, and I kept my word.

By the end of my first month of learning production, I was hooked. I dutifully got through my boring days working in a retail store and raced out of there every night to take classes. After each class was over, I happily read as much as possible to learn more. Mom said that she was surprised how happy and interested I was in the topic. Back when I was in high school, she often had to come to my room to remind me that I needed to do my homework, but now that I was learning something that truly interested in, I didn’t need to be reminded.

I want to be really good at learning how to create music with today’s technology. I have played the guitar and drums for years, but I have found that I now have a much bigger interest in being educated about how to produce for a production company instead. Mom now respects me a lot because she has seen that I can stick to learning all that I can. She said that if I pushed myself, I might end up being one of the best in the business one day.