I Really Love the Spa

For my birthday, a friend of mine wanted me to go to a spa, where we would get manicure service in Singapore. The concept of getting a manicure from someone else other than myself didn’t really click with me. I felt that I was just paying someone else to do something that I should be doing myself anyway, and that it didn’t fell right. My friend thought I was being silly because that’s exactly why the spa exists, for people to pay others for a service, much like everything else in life.

Despite my initial reservations about getting the manicure, once it actually started to happen, I changed my mind. The workers in the spa had a way of giving a manicure in a manner that I could have never done at home. Being on the opposite side of the experience, they were able to work the nails in a better way and provide more comfort. I guess sometimes the do it yourself approach of getting things done isn’t always the best way of doing things. The people at the spa would even massage my hand while the manicure was going on. I’ve never seen anyone do that, and I certainly couldn’t have done it.

Once the manicure and the rest of the spa experience was over, I felt like a brand new person. My skin was in better shape, my nails were excellent, and I felt like I had stepped in a time machine and redone the past year. My friend had been coming to this spa for a long time, so she had been enjoying the benefits of it for years. I want to come back to the spa next year and get the same thing again, but I wouldn’t mind going there in between my birthday once in a while.