I Just Helped My Friend Move

Of course it amused the devil out of me when the guy tried to claim that he could not afford to pay me to help him move to this new condo tower development called the New Futura. I mean this place is really expensive and you can tell this with one look of the Infinity lap pool or better yet after you realize that the place has private elevator access to every single place in it. I did not realize this at first and I was really confused the first time that we went up the elevator to the place. We had taken the heaviest thing first and it was sort of a pain to get the sofa into the elevator. When the door opened up I thought we had gone up to the penthouse or something of that sort. I was afraid we were about to get tossed out of the place for trespassing. When he told me that this was his place I was flabbergasted by the concept.

Of course if you were in a different part of the world you would think that the place was on the tiny side for a luxury condo, but here they charge you like mad for any space where you can swing your arms. At any rate I jacked up my prices, even though he claimed that he could not afford the place without his Mom helping him. I told him that I could not bring myself to feel very bad about his problems and having your Mom put the down payment down on a luxury condo did not really qualify as a problem at any rate. I knew what movers charge and that was what I charged him, although it was really just what one free range mover would have charged him.