I Finally Went Through What My Mom Went Through

I had heard people talk about depression, but I had never had to deal with it myself. I had no idea what it was at first. I thought I was a little bummed out, but I had no idea that something much more strong than being a little down had taken ahold of me. I was telling one of my good friends at work about it, and she said I should see a doctor to find out if I really had it, and then head straight to get acupuncture in Chicago to get some help without having to resort to any sort of prescriptions. I wasn’t so sure about her directions, but I did head to see my doctor that very next week.

My mom suffered from depression when I was a kid. It really messed with her life and it affected us kids and my dad, too. But none of us knew what it felt like. None of really understood how debilitating it can be because hearing about it is nothing like actually feeling it. I just knew that mom looked sad, said she felt sad all the time and she slept a lot. It used to frustrate us to see how much she slept. To all of us in the family, she just needed to get up and she would be fine. We felt like she was ignoring us and didn’t want to be with us.

After dealing with feeling so bad myself, I understood exactly what was going on with mom all those years ago. Mom passed away many years ago, and I found myself wishing that I could talk to her and apologize for making her feel bad about not spending more time with us when I was a kid. I ended up doing as my friend said and learning from my doctor that I had it, and then I went to get acupuncture. I do not really like taking prescriptions unless absolutely necessary, and I escaped having to do that by seeing someone who is a great acupuncturist.