I Bet I Was the First Case of Whiplash My Chiropractor Had Seen in Years

I got bumped in the back of my car while I was driving an old classic Chevy BelAir. The guy that hit my car was looking at it and was not paying attention. It knocked me forward at the stop sign, and my head whipped back. Well, there aren’t any headrests on that old car, so I got a slight case of whiplash. The car was not really damaged, except for the bumper. I made an appointment with a Chandler car accident chiropractor. I have been to a chiropractor before, and got a lot of relief from pain.

That old car held up pretty good. If I would have had my foot harder on the brake, I probably would not have been pushed as far forward. However, the forward movement absorbed a lot of the energy. I can see that the other guy’s car had absorbed a lot of the energy. The old heavy steel in cars like my classic one was made lighter and thinner. This is to improve fuel efficiency as well as cost. I have always wondered how safe a car would be if it was made of the old heavy steel and still had all the airbags, headrests and other safety gear in new cars. I imagine they would be kind of like tanks on the road.

I bet I was the first case of whiplash that Chandler car accident chiropractor had seen in a long time. The problem of it is probably why car manufacturers started putting headrests into cars in the first place. I had pinched a nerve in my neck and had that electrical feeling and burning pain in my right shoulder and arm. A few adjustments later and I was feeling fine. A new bumper and my car was fine. I think it will be some time before the other guy’s car is back on the road. He needed everything, even a new radiator, fan and transmission cooler.