I Am Still Working at the Resort

In fact I have things pretty much under control at the moment. It was not that way a bit ago, but right now things are really going pretty smoothly for me. I am living with two other guys in this really nice place, some Las Vegas Nevada apartments about three and a half miles from the place where I am working. It is close enough that I can ride my bike, but obviously it can be really hot in this part of the world. I am sort of the guy who makes it all work smoothly in my job. They left me alone to solve a few problems they were having and that pleased the manager of the place, so he gave me a nice promotion. That really helped me out, since I have had a lot of bills piling up on me when things were not going that well for me in the early part of last year.

At any rate things could be better, but I can not complain too much at all. The thing that is missing is a girlfriend, but I think that might be a problem that has a solution. They have a lot of girls working at the resort and there is one that I really like, although she is pretty new and the problem is that she is technically sort of in charge of me. In reality there is not too much that she has to say about what I do. I just go around trying to fix any trouble that we have. It is a big deal to me to manage the situation, but of course you do not usually come out ahead when you get involved with people that you work with. I have to manage it carefully, but she seems to be interested.