I Am Feeling More Confident About Nationals

I don’t have a problem with discipline or motivation. I have plenty of both of those. That is how I reached the national stage for swimming. I practiced more hours in one day than what some people do in a week, simply because I wanted to be the best. I was having trouble getting to the peak though, and I knew that I needed some help. I am not talking about the help that a regular coach would give. I knew that I needed to contact an elite Denver sports performance training center.

I had heard about one that has a swimming program, mainly because I know that some Olympic swimmers have trained there in the past before a competition. Since I also knew that these Olympians had won medals at their events, I felt pretty confident about contacting Landow Performance for some help. Before I did that, I went onto their website to see just what I was getting myself into. I was hoping that it was something that would make me cringe, because I knew that I needed to train harder than I ever have before in order to get better.

Well, I did not cringe, but I did smile. I could tell just from reading their outline of the program that they were going to push me further than I have ever been pushed, even by my own self. It was easy enough to make the arrangements, and I started hard on that first day. That also made me happy, because I was not paying this money to be pampered. I was paying it to become better, and that is just what they did for me. I knew my times, and I was beating them within just a couple of weeks into the program. I am feeling a lot more confident about the national stage now!