Enjoying My Extended Stay Working in Singapore

Growing up in the States I never thought in a million years that I would be living on the island nation of Singapore. My wife and I moved here due to a corporate job I have that has a lot of business in this region of the world. It is nice here, but it is very urbanized. Not like cities in the States though. For example, we have a condo in the New Futura in Singapore. It is a condominium development project that is two towers that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The buildings have curves and peaks that make them resemble Asian lanterns at night. The really cool thing is how Singaporeans build natural spaces right into the buildings they live and work in.

We can go down the elevator and out the front door into green areas that are very nice to find next to where you live. Plus, there is a humongous lap pool. The really cool thing is that on the 23rd level of each tower, there our outdoor green areas built right into the buildings themselves. They have trees, grass and swimming pools. It is an amazing thing to see. I did not know that they built places like that here in Singapore until after my first visit. Years ago you would find that a lot of spaces like this were built up on the roofs of the buildings. Now you can find them partway up the buildings, halfway up or even sticking out to the side on giant platforms that have the entire floor and platform as a space where you can be in a park and not even leave your building!

The technology that goes into these new condo structures in Singapore is quite amazing. Our condo is really nice inside with a super kitchen and plenty of room. The rest of the amenities of the building make it a great place to live. There is a dog-walking area, several pools including the giant lap pool, a fitness center and so much more. We really like living here. The kids have a blast!