A House with a Library and Game Room

As soon as I found out that we were moving to Denver, I looked up different real estate agents. I wanted to work with one even before we moved, and hopefully we would be able to move right into a nice home rather than get an apartment for a few months until we found where we wanted to live. We had six months to find a home, since I was not moving there with the kids until their school year was over. I started working with a Cherry Creek realtor a few months ago, and that turned out to be the best decision.

Prior to moving there, our home had been in a new development. While we fell in love with our house, we discovered that we did not like having a neighbor right up against us. I was able to show pictures of our house along with all the details to the agent. I told him that we would like something similar, but without houses right up against us. He knew that we would not be moving there for a while, so that gave him plenty of time to find the perfect house for us.

My husband was staying with friends there, so he was able to look at the homes that the agent had found for us. He took video of each of them for me to see too, but there was always something that I did not like about the houses. When he sent me the last video though, I knew we had found our home. The yard is huge, and it has all the rooms that we had before, plus two extra. This new house has a nice sized library, plus there is also a second family room that is mainly a game room. We never realized how much we needed those two rooms until we moved into the house we are in now!