Jake Got Me a Summer Job

At first I was not too excited about this job, we are working for a Suffolk county tree service and I thought it would be a lot more of a chore than it really is. Of course we spent a good deal of time stuck in traffic on my first day working for the place. However the stuff that we did was basically not that hard, beyond that it involved carrying a lot of wood. We feed the little stuff into a wood chipper and turn it into mulch. The big thing is that we clean up the mess that the guy with the chainsaw makes and obviously you do not want to get hit in the head with a big chunk of wood falling from forty or fifty feet in the air. That is the big thing, but you also try to make sure that this sort of thing does not wreck the yard. If you think about it you can guess what happens when a piece of firewood falls from such a height.

The thing you try to do is to build a pile of limbs where you want to have the wood fall. That way it does not make a great big dent in the customer’s yard. You want not to have to fix that sort of thing if you can avoid it. Obviously the client is going to want you to clean up your mess and leave the place better than you found it. That is what I am suppose to do. The guy with the chainsaw is going to tear things up and leave a good mess. I get a rake and clean up all of the stuff that can not be picked up so easily. We did get a lot of hours so far this week.

The Demand Continues to Increase

I’ve been using corporate secretarial services in Singapore for a few months now because of the increased demand that my company has faced. There have been a lot of clients who have been wanting to do business with us because of the health care products that we produce. The increase in demand has come from the rise in cases of the virus that has infected many people all over the world. This was something that I didn’t expect to happen, but it has increased our business dramatically, for better or worse. The secretaries that I’ve hired have been making it possible for the clients and I to discuss plans for my products.

Due to the increased demand, production has gone way up, and my workers are fine with it. They’re happy that we are still in business to make health care products, because it means that they still have some way to make a living. Many people are having trouble working, and either they have to work from home, or they’ve been furloughed, with no idea of when they’ll be able to get back to work. Many small businesses are at risk of going under entirely, but lucky enough, my company can still thrive.

Every day, it seems like the demand for our products is growing, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The company as a whole is willing to do what it can to make sure the virus goes away as quickly as possible, but it all depends on how quickly a treatment is able to be made, and whether or not people do their part to prevent the spread of the virus. If the virus continues longer than expected, then I guess my company will have to increase production again, and I might need to hire a few more secretaries.

Custom Work is Well Worth It

I live in a great old house, but it has needed a lot of help. It is about 65 years old, and I find it quite common that builders did not build with space in mind back then. I don’t know if that is because people value more space now than they did back then, or if places were often made small for financial reasons in the past. Either way, it is not too hard to decorate in such a way these days that makes it look like your home is much larger. A glass installer in Brooklyn came over just recently to hear about my plans and tell me whether or not he could carry them out in a way that would fit my budget.

My kitchen area is rather small, and the cabinets feel like they take up the entire room. So, I wanted to knock out the front, wood paneling and have glass sheets installed. This would make the cabinets look less heavy and it would even allow me to spotlight some of the beautiful dishes and ceramics that I have. Normally, those things are hidden out of site by wooden doors.

There is only one bathroom in my entire home. We all have to share it, and we all feel so closed in when we are in there. There is wall between the toilet and the sink for privacy. But it’s a thick wall and it closes the entire room off. I wanted it knocked down and replaced with a frosted glass wall, which would be much thinner. It would still give privacy and not be so bulky.

The glass installer said he could do both things for me for under $1,000, which is much less than I thought it would cost to have custom worker done. He did the work and the place looks beautiful now.

Information on the Beautiful and Exotic Raven

Raven is a large bird of the order Passeriformes. It’s absolutely black in color, and some consider it as exotic species. https://exoticbirds.life/ravens/ have all the information regarding this particular bird.

Raven is commonly referred to as a crow. There are eight varieties of raven found in the wild. Some regard it as harbingers of good omens, others consider it as a bringer of death or bad omens. Thus it has been attracting people’s opinions since the time immoral. I presume it’s due to its crisp black color and not so melodious noise. Ideally, it lives for 6-8 years in the wild. It is recorded to live longer than that in captivity. In the now concluded famous HBO TV Serial, Game of Thrones, it was used as a carrier of messages and since then has become some sort of a fashionable bird. The attraction of having it as a pet bird is still minimal though.

Raven is considered very intelligent. Experts believe that it is more intelligent than parrots and macaws. It has shown enough skills in hunting for food. It is omnivorous, like humans, and eats whatever they can get. Mostly they eat small insects, frogs, mice, etc. If chances present itself, it tends to attack other smaller birds or larger animals such as rabbits for food. It is not listed as endangered species, however, the population of florentis, corvus kubaryi and corvus unicolor are decreasing rapidly. It is mostly due to deforestation.

https://exoticbirds.life/ravens/ have not just information about ravens. It is a neatly designed website, which has information about many of the exotic birds such as hummingbirds, macaws, kingfisher, loverbird, nightingale, pigeons etc. They are all placed in their own categories. The write-up accompanies pictures and videos with explanations. The page layout is similar to wiki sites, so it should be easier for people to navigate.

More Eyes Are Looking at My TikTok

After seeing various funny videos that people were making on TikTok, I decided to download the app and make my own videos. I figured that I could get a lot of followers from making just a few videos, but I was wrong. Barely anyone was watching my videos and I didn’t understand why. I thought the content that I was uploading was good, but I guess no one else felt the same way, or no one knew my stuff existed. I searched for ways to gain TikTok and get famous from followers and found a really great method.

I learned that I could get more views and likes on my videos while gaining more followers with the help of a simple website. Buying a few followers would have a snowball effect that would cause other people to take notice of my videos and like them while following. Continue reading More Eyes Are Looking at My TikTok

We Are Going to Reclaim Our Town

I hated the idea of crime being so prevalent in my neighborhood. I grew up in this area, so I have had the misfortune of watching our small city turn from a great place to raise a family to an area where crime is making people move away. I was disheartened about the stats in the area, but I also knew that it was possible to make a positive change happen. I knew it would not happen overnight though, which is why I decided to look at the prices on some home security systems.

I wanted to take a stand, and one of the ways I did that was by having an ADT home security system installed. I take great pride in seeing the yard sign letting people know that my home is protected with an ADT system. Continue reading We Are Going to Reclaim Our Town

Younger Ideas Are Sometimes Needed in Business

It seems like no matter what time of year it is, or what year it is, there is always a set of people who are ready to retire from a company where they have been working for a long time. I knew that the app development in Singapore was going to start picking up really quickly because the demographics of the country is younger, and they were going to need talent to keep up with the new and younger technology loving people that wanted to be able to keep up with the rest of the world and be able to interact with other people that they may not have had the chance to without new apps to help them do so. I knew that I wanted to work to help others and I am really good at technology so I thought that if I could find my niche that I would be able to go and actually work with people on the needs that they had for an app.

I thought that by going to a new country to work it would be a really good experience for me while I was young enough without any kids or a partner. My family and my friends told me that they were really excited and happy to have me go away so that they would have a reason to visit a country in Asia. I found a few people from my college who had moved to the country that I was bound for and I made a few contacts with them. I also found a great website where people talk on a message board to one another who lived in Singapore but were originally from America and for one reason or another, they found themselves living in Singapore with other people like them.

Enjoying My Extended Stay Working in Singapore

Growing up in the States I never thought in a million years that I would be living on the island nation of Singapore. My wife and I moved here due to a corporate job I have that has a lot of business in this region of the world. It is nice here, but it is very urbanized. Not like cities in the States though. For example, we have a condo in the New Futura in Singapore. It is a condominium development project that is two towers that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The buildings have curves and peaks that make them resemble Asian lanterns at night. The really cool thing is how Singaporeans build natural spaces right into the buildings they live and work in.

We can go down the elevator and out the front door into green areas that are very nice to find next to where you live. Plus, there is a humongous lap pool. Continue reading Enjoying My Extended Stay Working in Singapore

My Mom and I Used to Bond While She Taught Me About Skincare

I used to sit on the edge of the tub in the bathroom when I was a little girl so that I could watch my mom do her skincare regimen each day. She was so good about getting it done, but I am not good with doing the same now that I’m an adult. I go to a Singapore aesthetic clinic to have work done, and it really helps me to save time. I miss the old days when I used to sit and talk to mom while she put on various skin creams and did her facial exercises in the mirror. We had a lot of good talks and laughs. She taught me all the tricks that she used to keep her skin looking so nice, but I am a bit lazier when it comes to taking care of myself on my own.

Businesses were not as tech savvy as they are now when mom was younger. Continue reading My Mom and I Used to Bond While She Taught Me About Skincare

The Value of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

The last thing we needed to get done after moving was to clean the apartment thoroughly in order to get our security deposit back. The problem was that we were tired and used up our days off to just get the move done. The apartment looked clean with all of our stuff in it, but we could see slight discolorations on the wall where pictures hung, and the carpeting was cleaner behind where the furniture was at. This all became very apparent with it empty. We decided to hire moving out cleaning for Singapore residents to get the job done professionally. It was worth it to us just to be able to get the rest we needed and to not worry about getting our security deposit back. The cleaning cost was less than what our deposit was.

They did a fantastic job on the apartment. We stopped by and took a look before turning in our keys to the building manager. The place was cleaned and ready for a new couple to move in right away. Continue reading The Value of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

My Son Wants to Work in the Renewable Energy Field

My husband and I have always been conscious of our choices when it comes to natural resources. We have always recycled as much as we could, and we have explored our energy options to make sure we are not being wasteful of our resources or the earth’s. We walk and bike a lot rather than take the car or public transportation. Our son grew up watching and mimicking us, so it was not surprise when he told us he wants to work in the energy field growing up. Taking a physics tuition course last year just reinforced his desire to go in that direction.

I was not sure that taking the tuition course was the best route for him because I thought he was just not applying himself to the physics course at school. Continue reading My Son Wants to Work in the Renewable Energy Field

Sure Helped My Sister out

Using the services I found at https://www.kleepers.com sure helped my sister out of a sticky situation. She called me in a dither about a situation that quickly arose and asked if I could help her out. She’d been at home for several days taking care of her sick son. He had a bad case of the flu and there was some worry that it could develop into pneumonia. This meant that she’d hardly slept in several days. Then her husband called her from work and said the boss insisted that they host a business customer from out of town.

She asked if I could take care of my nephew for several hours. Of course I agreed, but that didn’t solve all of her problems. She had to get the condo cleaned up and simply didn’t have the energy. I only had enough time to go and pick up my nephew so I wouldn’t be able to help clean. Continue reading Sure Helped My Sister out

My Son Needed Some Extra Help

Thanks to https://physicstuitionsg.com, my wife and I are no longer worried about our son passing his exams and getting into a good university. The thing you have to understand about Singapore is that it’s like many European countries in that education is a very serious matter. You only get one chance to ace your important exams, and passing these exams determines your future in a very big way. It’s not like America where people major in one thing and then end up doing something else entirely. Here you have to do well if you ever want to get a shot at your desired career.

My son needed to pass physics in order to get into his chosen profession, but he really struggled with the topic. I tried to tutor him myself, but that quickly turned into a real mess because I took these courses years ago and didn’t remember most of the material. Continue reading My Son Needed Some Extra Help

I Just Helped My Friend Move

Of course it amused the devil out of me when the guy tried to claim that he could not afford to pay me to help him move to this new condo tower development called the New Futura. I mean this place is really expensive and you can tell this with one look of the Infinity lap pool or better yet after you realize that the place has private elevator access to every single place in it. I did not realize this at first and I was really confused the first time that we went up the elevator to the place. We had taken the heaviest thing first and it was sort of a pain to get the sofa into the elevator. When the door opened up I thought we had gone up to the penthouse or something of that sort. I was afraid we were about to get tossed out of the place for trespassing. When he told me that this was his place I was flabbergasted by the concept. Continue reading I Just Helped My Friend Move

I Wanted No More Wrinkles

I had a mole that started changing ever so slightly not that long ago. It was located on my neck, and it was quite obvious. Though my dermatologist told me that it was fine and would not require any medical attention, I still wanted to have it removed. She told me that I could have that done, and she even told me about an aesthetic medical clinic that does things like that. She does them too, but she was backed up for things that were not medically necessary for someone at the time.

I can understand that, and I was really happy that she gave me the information for a clinic nearby that does the same kind of procedures. Continue reading I Wanted No More Wrinkles

My Floral Shop is Going Like Gangbusters

Thanks to seo in Philippines, I’m no longer just a florist in a corner shop. Now I’m a full fledged online entrepreneur who is making big bucks doing online sales for all sorts of situations. Did a loved one pass away and you need flowers to commemorate their passing? With a few clicks online, I’ll have some lovely flowers delivered to the funeral home. Need a bouquet for a date? We do that now too. Do you just like flowers and/or plants and are interested in beautifying your home? I’ve got just the arrangements you need to make your house shine.

It wasn’t always this way. I didn’t even think about doing a website until a couple of customers complained that they could have easily done business with me without having to come down to the shop. That made me think about all the business I might be missing because I wasn’t willing to go online and run a site. Continue reading My Floral Shop is Going Like Gangbusters

I Want to Work in an Industry That I’m Interested in

My dad said that my mom had always wanted a daughter long before I was born. When I was around 5 years old, they both realized that I was a tomboy. Mom had always hoped that I would be into the same things she liked, but I had other interests in mind. I loved to play sports and loved music. When I told her that I wanted to learn music production, she chuckled. My mom and dad didn’t have any interest in music at all, but I lived and breathed music. She said they would pay for classes if I promised to stick with it for at least six months. I promised her I would, and I kept my word.

By the end of my first month of learning production, I was hooked. I dutifully got through my boring days working in a retail store and raced out of there every night to take classes. Continue reading I Want to Work in an Industry That I’m Interested in

It All Started with a Pedicure

This year, I became friends with a girl who was an introvert. She didn’t really talk to many people, and mostly just stayed quiet in class. I started talking to her because I was assigned a school project with her as a partner. As we worked on the project, I got to know her a little better. She came out of her shell a little, and she asked me for advice about beauty tips because she wanted to give herself a makeover. I told her that pedicure services would be a good place to start before getting into more complicated things like make up applications.

I knew just the place for us to get a pedicure, so we went there on the weekend and hung out that entire day. This was her first time really having a pedicure, and she wanted to do it again. Continue reading It All Started with a Pedicure

Kids Can Make a Mess Anywhere

I love my kids a lot, but they make my home a complete mess every time they wake up. When they make breakfast, they leave cereal all over the place, or spill milk sometimes. They even find ways to leave jelly on the breakfast table. I always get on their cases about cleaning up, but they still make messes regardless. When they’re playing around, they leave their toys everywhere, and sometimes they get stains on the wall. It’s a good thing I have a service for house cleaning for Singapore, or I would lose my mind entirely.

I first learned about the cleaning service from a friend of mine who has a similar problem. She has more kids than I do, and her kids were messing up the house in a worse way than mine. Continue reading Kids Can Make a Mess Anywhere

They Performed a Marvelous Job on My Apartment

I needed moving out cleaning in Singapore because if I didn’t have someone come in and make the place look tidy. I thought I’d likely lose my security deposit. I have a few pets and everyone knows what that can do to the living quarters. The floors looked quite horrific even though I tried to keep up on the cleaning during the few years I lived here. I thought the landlord would come in and take one look and I’d lose my deposit as well as have to pay for some serious restorations. I know my neighbors had a problem with the landlord when they moved out.

I looked online for a cleaning service, but what I really needed were professionals who had a lot of experience with very messy places. Continue reading They Performed a Marvelous Job on My Apartment